Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smile with me.

If u see me happy...
don't envy me
don't hate me
just follow me
be like me.
to be happy..
I'm not saying that I don't cry
I do cry.. most of the time
I'm not saying that I never feel burden
I do feel.. all the time
but should I ruin my life... forever?
because of that burden and pain that life throws me?
when I lost my smile, I don't want to waste my energy
to find it back
I prefer to create a new one
when I'm carrying something heavy..
I don't want just to be standing.. and do nothing that burden me
I prefer to take that heavy sacks from my shoulders
put in at the ground
then have a rest..
enjoying the nature..
listening to chirping bird...
exhaling the fresh air...
looking to the serene sky..
till I get my spirit back
to continue my journey
when I found a closed door..

I won't cry in front of it for vain
I prefer to look for another which is still open
if there is none open, I'll create a hole
to make my own way...
to out from my solitude
happiness is not something to find in others
but it is something to find in ourselves
my happiness is my responsibility
so my friends...
if u feel so tired.. exhausted...
please, have a rest..
no need to rush..
life is not a race
u have to enjoy it ..
every second of it
cause u can reverse it
just live each it is ur last day
do ur best.. live to the fullest
if u don't have a chance.. so what...??
don't bother too much,, just create one
if u don't have a friend.. who says..??
look at here, u have me.. as ur friend
so, are u ready...?
to smile with me
to laugh with me
create ur own melody
play ur own symphony
and dance with me
while the music is still here
before it is finished...

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