Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Sometimes all we need is a rain drop  
Coming from the sky
Bringing happiness from the stars 
Giving life to a rose
Relieving us with its voice 
And flowing through a river 
And cleaning all the sadness in our hearts

Sometimes all we need is a smile
Coming from someone we love 
Bringing a warm breeze from the heaven above
Giving joy to our heart
Warming our body and soul
And destroying all the bad feelings 

Sometimes all we need is a hand 
Coming from the friend 
Bringing kindness from God 
Taking us to into a mutual world  
Showing us our world is not alone 
And making us sure about being together 

Sometimes all we need is a rose  
Coming from our beloved ones  
Bringing us the hopes  
Getting the smile from our eyes  
Vaccinating an endless love to us  
And making us invincible  

Sometimes all we need is three words  
Coming from someone we care about more than we care about ourselves  
Bringing us the best feelings ever 
Showing where God is  
Taking us above the sky  
And making us angels  

You can get whatever you need from me, my dear 
And all i need is a smile from you 

And the three words to say : 

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