Thursday, August 11, 2011

show your feelings

LIFE is the sun's rebounding in my eyes :
When the night comes with the stars ,
Your eyes in my eyes ;
Walking in the reality of the dreams ...

LOVE is stealing the keys of the heaven from the God :
While the down is coming slowly
Sharing the last drop of the wine with her-him
Sending a 'hello' with the winds to the mountains from the heart ...

FEELING is being in a cold hell when you miss her-him .
When the sky comes with the longing carrying snow ,
Only hearing your heart while you're about dying ..
And being able to make her-him hear your voice at your last breathe ...

FREEDOM is sometimes being able to bear against the gravity :
In a summer night with candles in your hand ;
Going to search for the sun with hopes in your heart ..
And being able to cry on his-her shoulders easily . . .

HOPING is being able to see a light even in the endless darkness of the loneliness :
Instead of trying get in the heaven of the bigots ;
Believing that you'll be able to create your own heaven together in the hell of the GOD . .
Thinking that you'll escape from the doomsday with wine glasses in your hands . . .

I wish you a LIFE full of LOVE and FEELING of happiness ..
And wish you never lose your HOPES for the future !

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