Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Welcome to the mysterious mask of this twisted world
Countless stuck in its dominant grasp, unable to escape it
Probing for meaning and truth, but lost
Hidden behind artificial smiles and materialistic objects of desire, to cloak inner feelings from others
Trapped in the devilish web of social conformity with no way of ever leaving
Running astray from individuality and independence, but afraid of being alone
Scared of your own beliefs that run constantly in your minds, afraid of ridicule from others
Mimicking others as a source of acceptance, in order to feel needed in this sad world
Wearing the latest treads and fads, to fill the void of emptiness in your heart
Walking blindly behind others, to experience a piece of something big
Close minded towards others outside your group, to feel superior in your small world of deception
Listening to the music of the masses, not to be left out
Living a life of lies and deceit, to hide the true nature of your soul

Are you masked??

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