Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Comet...

He asks me to conquer the outer space

to find sunflower or milky way

they sound outdated for me

I want to discover a new one

and we will name it with our names

we've fasten our seat belt

we are ready to take off

my honor to be his co-pilot

flying with the one I loved

we have a plan to build our world

based on wonderful and supportive words

with hope and desire as his hammers

dreams and delight as his nails

together we will make it true

sun has gone and the moon comes

having our break and have a rest

hiding under the blanket of love

we hold each other hands

he whispering my ears

that our love is like a galaxy

it's too bright to die

and as I look into his face

I know that he is my shooting star

the only comet in my life. 

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