Friday, August 12, 2011


How is it possible? How did it happen?
Don't you know that my heart is crushed? Completely broken.
Why are you always ignoring me?
You are only my angel, my one and only.

Why are you always going away when I'm always walking after you?
Is it because of our exploding issue?
Why can't you look on my eyes?
Is it because of our painful goodbyes?

It is so hard for me to see you ignoring me, as if I've never existed!
Do you know how long did i waited?
I'm waiting for you to notice my efforts.
Even if other people consider me as one of your friends!

Did you ever think of my crazy feeling?
Every pains and sorrows, I'm bearing all these.
Oh! Can't you see? I'm melting with tears.
That made me feel that there are added fears!

You came to me and said, "stop crying!"
I replied:"why would I?" You are the one who made me have this feeling.
Are you getting guilty? Do you have your conscience?
You never gave me a period to end this sentence!

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